jeremyyoderI’m Jeremy Yoder, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Minnesota. This is my website.

Update: In August 2015, I’ll be starting a new postdoctoral position at the University of British Columbia with Sally Aitken, as part of the AdapTree project.

I seek to understand the forms of natural selection created by both the living and the nonliving world, and the genetic architecture underlying past and ongoing responses to selection. My doctoral dissertation work with Olle Pellmyr at the University of Idaho applied theoretical, phylogenetic, and population genetic approaches to examine the origins and evolutionary trajectories of species interactions, with particular focus on the yucca-yucca moth mutualism. My postdoctoral research with Peter Tiffin at the University of Minnesota uses genome-scale genetic data to examine patterns of local adaptation to climate and mutualistic rhizobial bacteria in the model legume Medicago truncatula, as part of the Medicago Hapmap Project.

2012.09.05 - First leaves