Invite me to speak

Talking floral symmetry and pollinator diversity at the 2019 LGBTQ+ STEM Day. (Photo via Rob Ulrich.)

I’m a professor, and I like to profess! I have years of experience giving engaging presentations about science for academic and popular audiences — and you can invite me to do just that for your campus, classroom, or community group.

My expertise is in evolution and genetics, particularly as they apply to mutually beneficial interactions between species. I’ve also done collaborative social science on the career experiences of LGBTQ folks working in science and tech, and I’ve written a lot about the biology and evolution of gender and sexuality. Specifically, I’m well prepared to talk about

  • Evolution, particularly natural selection and genetics — the origins of "endless forms most beautiful"
  • Cooperation between members of different species — the many fascinating examples from fish cleaning each other to bacteria helping your digestion, and how these interactions evolve
  • Plants’ interactions with other species — from pollinators to soil microbes to ant bodyguards
  • LGBTQ representation and experiences in science — the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity among scientists, how LGBTQ folks are doing in STEM careers, and how to make scientific workplaces more welcoming
  • The evolution of sexual orientation — the diversity of mating behaviors in animals, and how same-sex attraction might evolve

Contact me to talk about topics and specific plans. Ideally, I schedule events at least three months in advance, or more if travel outside of Southern California is involved. If distance is a barrier, I’m also available for video chat "visits" via Skype a Scientist.