Interviews and media

May 2023: In Southern California, everything is blooming everywhere all at once — Interviewed by Corinne Purtill, Los Angeles Times

Apr 2022: Disney Planet Possible: Protecting the treasures of Joshua Tree National Park — Interviewed by Rob McMillan, ABC7 (video embed above)

Apr 2022: California Joshua tree is not threatened, regulators say. It could bring more development — Interviewed by Louis Sahagún, Los Angeles Times

Mar-June 2022: Media coverage of “Nondisclosure of queer identities is associated with reduced scholarly publication rates” (Nelson et al. 2022) — ScienceInsider, Times Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Agencia SINC (en español), Discover, Physics World, Physics Today

July 2020: Unlocking Joshua tree’s gene code could aid at-risk desert fixture — Interviewed with Chris Smith about the Joshua Tree Genome Project, by Doug Puppel, for KNPR’s State of Nevada newsmagazine.

Oct 2019: Controversial ‘gay gene’ app provokes fears of a genetic Wild West — Quoted on a campaign to remove a direct-to-consumer genetic test for sexual orientation, by Amy Maxmen, in Nature News.

Aug-Sept 2019: Interviews in multiple outlets, commenting on the first large-scale genomic study of sexual orientation, by Ganna et al. — BBC World News, WBUR, KCBS News Radio San Francisco, The New York Times, New Scientist, Out Magazine, GEN, OneZero

June 2019: ‘Now I know I’m not alone.’ Study highlights challenges LGBTQ workers in STEM face — Q & A by Katie Langin, with Queer in STEM collaborators, about Mattheis et al. (2019), for Science Careers.

Aug 2018: The wonder plant that could slash fertilizer use — Interviewed about Van Deynze et al. (2018) by Ed Yong, for The Atlantic.

Mar 2018: STEM is losing male LGBQ undergrads — Interviewed about Hughes (2018) by Katie Langin, for Science Careers.

Sept 2017: The Geographic Mosaic of Coevolution — Toby Fountain, for the Slightly Evolved podcast.

Apr 2017: Scientists divided over impact of Washington’s March for Science — Ivan Semeniuk, for The Globe and Mail.

July 2016: How queer scientists are shaping their future with a survey — Sarah Scoles on Queer in STEM and LGBTQ experiences in science, for Wired.

Mar 2016: Studying the science of science — Interviewed as part of Jane C. Hu’s article on scientists turning the scientific method on the culture and practice of science itself, for Science Careers.

Mar 2016: Scientists want to unlock the Joshua tree’s secrets — Chris Clarke reports on The Joshua Tree Genome Project, for KCET.

Aug 2015: Most gay and lesbian researchers are out in the lab — Interviewed by Marla Broadfoot about the Queer in STEM study, for Nature.

Nov 2014: Out in the open: Is science LGBT friendly? — Interviewed by Jessica Hamzelou about the Queer in STEM study, for New Scientist.

Jan 2014: Equality: Standing out — Interviewed by Cameron Walker about the Queer in STEM study, for Nature.

Oct 2013: LGBT scientists find varying acceptance in academia, industry — Interviewed by Katelyn Faulks about the Queer in STEM study, for Minnesota Daily.

Oct 2013: Queer science: LGBT scientists discuss coming out at work — Interviewed by Vivian Underhill about the Queer in STEM study, for Bitch Magazine.

June 2013: Mobile apps: A conference in your pocket. — Interviewed by Roberta Kwok as part of an article on social media and mobile tech at scientific conferences, for Nature.

Apr 2013: The gay brain: What makes us LGBT? — Interviewed by Mike Yost as part of an article on the biology of sexual orientation, for Out Front magazine.

June 2011: Exploring the surprising world of coevolution. — Personal interview with Tyler Dukes, for