Interviews and media

June 2019: ‘Now I know I’m not alone.’ Study highlights challenges LGBTQ workers in STEM face —Q & A by Katie Langin, with Queer in STEM collaborators, about Mattheis et al. (2019), for Science Careers.

Aug 2018: The wonder plant that could slash fertilizer use —Interviewed about Van Deynze et al. (2018) by Ed Yong, for The Atlantic.

Mar 2018: STEM is losing male LGBQ undergrads —Interviewed about Hughes (2018) by Katie Langin, for Science Careers.

Sept 2017: The Geographic Mosaic of Coevolution —Toby Fountain, for the Slightly Evolved podcast.

Apr 2017: Scientists divided over impact of Washington’s March for Science —Ivan Semeniuk, for The Globe and Mail.

July 2016: How queer scientists are shaping their future with a survey —Sarah Scoles on Queer in STEM and LGBTQ experiences in science, for Wired.

Mar 2016: Studying the science of science —Interviewed as part of Jane C. Hu’s article on scientists turning the scientific method on the culture and practice of science itself, for Science Careers.

Mar 2016: Scientists want to unlock the Joshua tree’s secrets —Chris Clarke reports on The Joshua Tree Genome Project, for KCET.

Aug 2015: Most gay and lesbian researchers are out in the lab —Interviewed by Marla Broadfoot about the Queer in STEM study, for Nature.

Nov 2014: Out in the open: Is science LGBT friendly? —Interviewed by Jessica Hamzelou about the Queer in STEM study, for New Scientist.

Jan 2014: Equality: Standing out —Interviewed by Cameron Walker about the Queer in STEM study, for Nature.

Oct 2013: LGBT scientists find varying acceptance in academia, industry —Interviewed by Katelyn Faulks about the Queer in STEM study, for Minnesota Daily.

Oct 2013: Queer science: LGBT scientists discuss coming out at work —Interviewed by Vivian Underhill about the Queer in STEM study, for Bitch Magazine.

June 2013: Mobile apps: A conference in your pocket. —Interviewed by Roberta Kwok as part of an article on social media and mobile tech at scientific conferences, for Nature.

Apr 2013: The gay brain: What makes us LGBT? —Interviewed by Mike Yost as part of an article on the biology of sexual orientation, for Out Front magazine.

June 2011: Exploring the surprising world of coevolution. —Personal interview with Tyler Dukes, for